The network of Christians In Business


The Network of Christians in Business (NCB) provides services to and on behalf of its members. These services include Faith & Work Discipleship, Capacity Building through Training and Mentoring, Technical Assistance, Networking, Advocacy, and Prayer. Our services are designed to help a Christian entrepreneur to build a business to its full potential in a way that meets God’s standards and makes an impact. This means that as you actively engage in these services, you will experience a paradigm shift towards:


Like Daniel, God expects us to display an excellent spirit in all that we do. This means that we do the best we can, with the right attitude and expectation.

Community Impact

When God blesses our business, He expects us to bless others. It is His will that we impact our community in such a way that His light shines brightly and men, women, and children – families – will be drawn to Him.

Business Acumen

It is God’s will that we follow His blueprint for doing business. Understanding the biblical principles and guidelines that govern our day to day activities will lead us to be diligent in business activities – and diligence is a key characteristic for business success.