Who We Serve

Christian Entrepreneurs

Are you leveraging your God-given talents in the best ways to build a thriving, high-value, God-honouring business?

“You can be in the corporate world and still incorporate goodness and righteousness in your work. At the end of the day, what really matters is using your skills in a way that has a lasting benefit. “

~ Derick Ferguson

  • Start-ups and early stage enterprises
  • Growth-ready and scaling enterprises¬†
  • Establish small and medium size enterprises

Church Leaders

Do your members need to discover a deeper purpose in the mundane routine of work, as well as empowerment to engage in vocations that support the kingdom and glorify God?

“The most important contribution the church can make in the face of the momentous issues and problems of our day is to nourish its people so they can live out the gospel in their various callings. “

~ Michael Goheen

  • Pastors
  • Ministry leaders
  • Other faith-based groups

What We Do

We are on a mission to equip and empower Christian business owners, and leaders to effectively and practically incorporate their faith in their business while maximizing their business potential for greater impact on the kingdom


What We Do

We provide access to high-quality business training, business- oriented discipleship, mentoring, tools, technical assistance, and a networking platform to Christian Entrepreneurs from all industry sectors

Business Oriented Discipleship



Technical Assistance


Membership Services

About the NCB

The Network of Christians in Business is a locally-led, registered non-profit organization, established in 2015 as a support network for Christian-owned  businesses to  facilitate their emergence as sustainably thriving businesses that impact lives and communities to the glory of God

About our Partners

The NCB Works collaboratively with Partners Worldwide (PW), a US-based organization that partners with local organizations to catalyze business growth and job creation around the world, lifting families and communities out of poverty. For over 25 years, PW has developed partnerships with more than 70 local community institutions in 35 countries. Through PW, the NCB is closely linked with international experts in finance, agriculture, global trade, small and medium enterprise development, and more, capitalizing on relationship and networks with experienced global entrepreneurs and subject matter experts

Meet Our Team

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Ladi Franklin

Certified Value Growth Advisor

Luisa Duron

Business Affiliate Team Member

Adrian Borter

Business Affiliate Team Member

Impact of your Membership

Faith and Work

Co- Founder, Aunty P’s Callaloo

Tech Assistance for Agro-Processors

CEO B’s Ice Cream

SME Training

CEO, Civon Multiservices

Market & Mission Conference

CEO, Civon Multiservices

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