What are the benefits if I become a member?

Our services are intentionally designed to result in the following outcomes for an NCB member:

  • Acquire a mindset and practice of business that differentiates your business and enhances its
    integrity, value and impact
  • Expand your skills and competence base through targeted training and mentoring from a faith
    perspective to support value-adding, high impact Kingdom business
  • Gain access to powerful local and international Christian networks where you can connect with
    like-minded business leaders to learn, collaborate and build enduring strategic relationships
  • Gain competence to integrate your faith and work to operate your business as a calling from
    God and to achieve balance in your personal, business and spiritual life
How do I become a member of the NCB?

Simply call our contacts in any of our locations and you will be connected with a Membership Representative who will contact you to commence the process. Otherwise, send you request to us by email at: info@ncbtt.org

What is the criteria for membership?

In a nutshell, a member of the NCB should:

  • Be Entrepreneur, Business Founder, or Business Professional/Manager who shares our beliefs
  • Someone who needs the services we provide and for whom our services will benefits will make a difference
  •  An active member of your local church
Is the NCB a sort of church organisation?

The NCB is not a church nor about to become one. The NCB values a strong relationship with the church Body and works closely with the Church.