Madonna Doyle and Associates Limited

MDA provides leadership & communication tools and strategies to manage conflict, improve internal and external stakeholder engagement, and increase productivity for public and private sector..


Narada Caribbean Limited

Supplier’s of products and services in the area of elevators & escalators, facilities management/maintenance, construction & project management

Townhouse #1 Almond Boulevard, Carib Gardens, Arima

Rainbow Babies Ltd

We provide customized clothing and items for Rainbow families

Real to Real Printing & Services

Typing, Printing (call cards, letterheads, tickets, bookmarks, invitations etc), Laminating, Spiral Binding, Photocopying and US Visa Application.

20 Farfan Street, Arima

Royaal T Creation

Arts and Crafts/ soft furnishings

31 Grapefruit Crescent, Santa Rosa Heights, Arima

Scene 1 Studios Ltd.

We provide professional photography, videography and social media content for individuals, corporate entities, entrepreneurs and schools.

Signature Beauty Studio

Custom, design and made clothing and accessories.

Diamond Drive, Edinburgh Gardens, Montrose Chaguanas