About Us

About the NCB

The NCB is a faith-based non-profit serving as a platform for mission-oriented entrepreneurs and business leaders to enable them to build learn and grow together. The NCB’s services are geared toward empowering its members to adopt principles, values, and practices that result in business excellence and societal transformation. Its core activities including business training, mentoring, discipleship and networking are carried out in 4 Cells around Trinidad and Tobago.

The NCB is governed by a Board and its operations are administered a team of dedicated volunteers drawn from its membership.


To make Jesus Christ known in the Marketplace.


To connect, equip and lead individuals to engage in value-adding life transforming business vocations and to live out their faith in the marketplace.

We Believe

  • The Holy Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost
  • The Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God, and reliance on its principles to guide our personal and business lives
  • Jesus died to save the world, and without the shedding of His blood there is no remission of sins
  • Entrepreneurship is divinely purposed by God as an instrument for people to use their skills and abilities to creatively develop products and services that flourish and transform lives


  • Bi-monthly Faith & Work Discipleship Meetings
  • Business Capacity Building & Technical Assistance (through faith-based business training, mentoring, counseling, tools and resources)
  • Networking & Strategic Partnerships
  • Individual and corporate prayer